See below for a sample of videos I've created in my spare time. The Sockness and The Lucky Coin were part of indie film competitions. Opening Overwatch Packs was a test in "Box Opening" style YouTube videos. Disc Golf Throw Off is an example of filming on the fly.
The Sockness
I created this one-minute horror film for the Tacoma Wait-A-Minute film competition. It was screened at the Blue Mouse theater. My favorite part about this project was actually creating the sock puppets. 
Opening Overwatch Packs
I love video games and have fallen in love with Blizzard's Overwatch. The character development, locations, game play, and humor are a great mix. This video I opened three backpack hanger blind packs.
Disc Golf Throw Off
One of my hobbies is playing disc golf. There are several opportunities to meet new people and compete in local tournaments. At the end of the Rizzle at the River Tournament at White River Disc Golf Course in Auburn, WA, players who paid into an ace pot had the opportunity to win money by being closest to the pin. I asked the tournament director if I could capture this footage on my iPhone. 
The Lucky Coin
The 2009 Seattle Film Race re-sparked my love for film making. Teams were challenged to create an original movie in less than 24 Hours from concept to final product while following an assigned theme (superstitious) and contain a surprise element (action: Swallowing a Pill). The pieces were given to us at 10pm on Friday night. By 10pm on Saturday I wrote, directed, edited, and delivered this short film. I love developing creative content in a time crunch.
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